Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let me rant about these cupcakes...

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I can get pretty serious and sometimes down right ridiculous about my cupcakes. Lets just let it be known that Publix has the best cupcakes ever. And yes, I think they are better than Cami Cakes.

The Publix that I often visit, never seems to have the cupcakes that I want: Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. I can't get with that gross whipped kind. So there is one lady in there that will make my cupcakes. But has she been there? Nope!

I called the bakery on Sunday and the lady told me they didn't have any but she would make some for Monday. So I call up there yesterday...and of course there wasn't any. So to catch you up to speed...I did a quick rant on Twitter that went something like this:

About to head to Publix to speak with a manager about these cupcakes...or
lack thereof. via Echofon

This bitch has the nerve to have a attitude because the manager told her to
make my cupcakes. via Echofon

I told the manager I'm not trying to get her in trouble. I'll even call
ahead to let them know I'm coming. via Echofon

The bakery lady didn't even say You're Welcome when I thanked her. #bitchyouchildish
via Echofon

And i STILL got my cupcakes! via Echofon

If they would just keep them stocked up on the shelf, we wouldn't have these issues. Don't make me come up there every time and have to request this.

And yes it's just that serious.

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