Friday, September 3, 2010

The Club Bathroom Attendant

This is actually a repost from my FB page...

Sooo I was listening to Rickey Smiley this morning on the way to work and they were asking, what do you hate about the club?

Ebony and Gary responded by saying they do not like bathroom attendants....and neither do I...they are so annoying! Guys I'm not really sure what your attendant has, but the woman attendant has everything you don't want...

I don't want to:

  • ask you for some towels to dry my hands
  • tip you for handing me towels to use that comb!
  • use that 99 cent lip gloss
  • eat a REESE's CUP in the club
  • use your strong "perfume" lotion
  • tell you if the party is "jumping out there"

I just want to use the bathroom, have tissue in the stall, walk out, wash my hands without you pumping the soap in my hand, and dry them off with a towel, without you giving me one. And I don't need you pressing the button for the automatic dryer

And I don't want you to sit on that stool looking pitiful b/c I didn't tip you...some people don't carry one dollar bills around...and you aren't going to get tipped more than that. I'm sorry...i know the economy is bad and you're trying...but I just can't support your hustle right now.

That's like the homeless downtown trying to tell me where to park when I saw the spot before I saw him waving me down. I don't need you to watch my car while I'm gone homie!! I just don't want to feel obligated to tip when I go to the that wrong?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

She Can't Be Serious

I was in the hair salon minding my own business. Under the dryer. eyes closed. headphones in. listening to Melanie Fiona sing about how the love she has for a man is killing her. Then I open my eyes look around and see this woman sitting at the sink. My eyes naturally float down and what do I see?

These crusty ass feet! WTF Ladies, there is honestly no reason for this at all. My issue is this: You know you are walking around with those crusty crusty toes. It's not like it's just your heels. I mean no one is asking you to have pretty toes (well maybe men are) but at least clean those bad boys up if you're going to show them. Ugh I was not trying to see that. She didn't even try to tuck her feet back to hide it. smh

A pedicure is not that expensive and they will clean all that dead skin off for you. All you have to do is relax in a spa massage chair and wait for it to be over. Invest $10-$15 in yourself. Please.