Thursday, September 2, 2010

She Can't Be Serious

I was in the hair salon minding my own business. Under the dryer. eyes closed. headphones in. listening to Melanie Fiona sing about how the love she has for a man is killing her. Then I open my eyes look around and see this woman sitting at the sink. My eyes naturally float down and what do I see?

These crusty ass feet! WTF Ladies, there is honestly no reason for this at all. My issue is this: You know you are walking around with those crusty crusty toes. It's not like it's just your heels. I mean no one is asking you to have pretty toes (well maybe men are) but at least clean those bad boys up if you're going to show them. Ugh I was not trying to see that. She didn't even try to tuck her feet back to hide it. smh

A pedicure is not that expensive and they will clean all that dead skin off for you. All you have to do is relax in a spa massage chair and wait for it to be over. Invest $10-$15 in yourself. Please.

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