Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gene Pool

Let's say you've been dating a guy for a while now, who for argumet's sake looks like this-------------->>

Mmm...Reggie Bush! (Or for guys....imagine....I don't know...Angel Lola Luv.) Anyway, like I said, ya'll have been kicking it for awhile now. The chemistry is great and he treats you exactly how you want and crave to be treated. And you know his flaws. So, it's been about 4 or 5 months and you've spent practically all your free time together, he knows your friends and you know his. Things seem really serious, and you all are talking about being exclusive. You all were careful to take things slow so you wouldn't rush a good thing and potentially mess it up. Well, it's about that time to meet the parents right? Okay, you've seen a couple of pictures of them at a party, but never paid too much attention. He told you their occupations and said that he takes after his mom. No sibilings.

The day has arrived, his parents are having a cookout at the house and he feels this is a good time to introduce you to everyone. You feel the same way but you have to admit you're kind of nervous...I mean in your mind, you feel like he is "the one." You were always told when "the one" comes along, you will know it. And you definitely know it. He tells you to calm down and relax, his parents are really cool. So you take slow careful steps around the house to the backyard where everyone is. First impressions are everything, especially with your future in-laws. You can hear the music blaring and as you get closer you see a woman dancing. He points, and says, "That's my mom dancing in the white and my dad right there in the red." You must have had some type of intuition, because when you step closer this is what you see:

Your first thought is, "WTF??" I mean how could my fine distinguished man come from this? As he's pulling you closer to meet them, all you can think about is how your kids will end up. How would you handle a situation like this? Would you stay with your "man" knowing that his parents are like this and have the potential to act up at your wedding? Apparently they love to party and drink. Or do you stay with him, family and all. Your fine-groomed family will just have to adjust. Here goes nothing. You put on a smile and greet...your future???


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The post above is me too! I had to be first! Hi Dukes, showin some SSU love!!!! It's me Jenn K. and to answer the question....fuck it with a guy as fine as Reggie Bush we would stay together and have to ELOPE. LOL!